Anthony Palladino




Tony Palladino has served as CEO, COO, CFO, Principal or Consultant for numerous start-up and early-stage technology companies.  He has driven and managed rapid growth (including globalizing a service company) and has successfully structured and negotiated numerous liquidity events, including an IPO.


He has served as CEO of a subscription based internet service provider, a supplier of process control equipment and software to the semiconductor industry and a publicly held international computer products company.  He has also served as COO/CFO of an engineering construction management firm and a semiconductor manufacturing outsourced service company.


His clients have included a fabricator of structural steel, a steel foundry, an aerospace process service provider, a producer of solar panels, a furniture retailer and manufacturer, a producer and distributor of bottled water, a custom plastic injection molding company, a hazardous waste disposal company and a commercial landscape maintenance contractor.  Mr. Palladino has also conducted numerous acquisition studies for private equity investors.


The firm also provides interim management for companies undergoing financial distress.  Mr. Palladino served as interim CEO (Debtor-In-Possession) of a printing company (managed the Chapter 11 return to profitable operations and sale), a specialized construction firm (managed the Chapter 11 sale of operations), a steel drum manufacturer (managed the Chapter 11 return to profitable operations and sale) and a computer forms manufacturer (liquidated).


Mr. Palladino holds a Masters Degree (with honors) from Columbia Graduate School of Business and a Bachelors Degree from Pace University.  He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs.