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Start-up to sale, building enterprise value

Palladino Associates now has a blog that features posts on building enterprise value.


The first post, by Tony Palladino, describes his view of the five key steps in value creation on the road from start up to sale.


The blog may be found at



Palladino Associates Secures Plant Financing


Operating on behalf of its client, a fabricator of steel bridge components, Palladino Associates structured and negotiated $8 million financing package for a new fabrication facility.  This financing will cover 100% of the facility cost. 


The financing will include $1.2 million of Economic Development Grants from the state, $3.2 million capital contribution by the local industrial development authority and a $3.4 million, low cost, 25 year loan from the State Board of Investment.


In addition, the Company will receive up to $1 million in reimbursement from the State for new employee training costs.  The Company is expecting to create 200 new jobs as a result of this financing.